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hey_there_prep's Journal

Do you have it?
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A rating community

-This is a rating community. You will be judged.
-Apply within 48 hours of joining or we'll ban you.
-DO NOT use rich text on ANY of the applications.
-Put the type of application you're doing in the subject line.
-Put "Do I have it?" in the lj-cut.
-Don't put links to your pictures, 
or we'll stop voting until you fix it.
-No talking back to mods or members
-We don't mind drama, because we can just ban you.
-You will be stamped after 2 days, 
or if the majority of your votes are yes, or no, 
so don't bug the mods about it.
-Don't post on any application but your own, 
until you're stamped.

-DO be honest to applicants
-DON'T be inactive
-DO remember to vote
-DO promote promote promote!
-Participate in themes, contests, and scavenger hunts.
-Put "Yes" or "No" in the subject of your vote.
-Give a reason for voting the way you did, 
don't just say "BECAUSE."
-Mod vote rules. If all the mods fell the person 
should be accepted, then they will be.
-Try to get the most points every month.
-Have fun!

Any questions about the community? E-mail oohlalababee @ kayygrayy@hotmail.com anytime!

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Banners and Accepted/Rejected stamps

Accepted members/mods & their apps.

Points and point system information here

How to spend points

This week's activities

xabercrombiekid - banned - for not posting an app.

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